You Sow with a Click, and BBIN Plants Trees for You
2019 07 / 08
After collaborating with one of the world's top 100 DJs, Fedde Le Grand, to hold the charitable music event that raised support from over one million people, TGB Charity, a nonprofit brand initiated by BBIN, has recently launched the global tree-planting event, “For the Next”. The event has entered its second month and has accumulated 400,000 seeding clicks so far. This meaningful event requires everyone’s participation right now. Midori Hotel invites you and your friends to go to the event website. The more seeds you click, the more trees will be planted.
BBIN has been paying attention to various charitable and environmental issues for a long time. This event is a special collaboration with Trees for the Future. Starting from today, when you plant trees by clicking on the event website, BBIN will donate money for you to save Earth.
To click to plant trees and show support, go to or search "TGBcharity" online.